Gotta Start Somewhere

And I've decided Hashnode is that somewhere. I'm not sure I particularly like writing outside of documentation for processes, but I think I'll know for sure soon enough. I'm told it's good for the soul, or something. I know I could certainly benefit from having to think things through well enough to write them down.

I'm planning on setting up OpenStack on the three Dell PowerEdge servers up in my office/library. I'm completely new to all of this, including Ceph, so this might be a delightful fire. If it collapses and crushes me under a bulk of jargon, network configs and server rails I'll try to get a pic before I expire. I'm still planning out the physical connections, including networking and the HDD layout, so I think that'll be my first post that's actually thought out and substantive.

I'm sure I'll post whatever random PowerShell things I learn at work as time goes on. My recent project is to rename all our computers that don't use the correct scheme for their host name. I've blended my homegrown Write-Log function with one I found on the internet to asynchronously write lines to the log file, which works around a disappointing issue where writing to quickly to the log file fails due to the second write starting before the first finishes.

Do people talk about non tech things here? I probably should have checked first. Maybe someday I'll actually play D&D or some such thing again. A man can hope.