Finally Started Server Work

not much, but it's good to do something

A Brief Personal Aside

I seem to have some pretty bad motivational issues. I really haven't done much personally in the past few months. Now that I've started collecting what I need to complete my rack, I'm going to try and do better. It's good to accomplish something with my time. It helps that I've gotten a new job that doesn't come with a looming end date, so I'm much more comfortable buying equipment. It's one less excuse to not do anything.


I've purchased two switches from Ubiquity. One is an aggregation switch that I'll use to connect the three servers togther using coax and SFP+ modules. The other is a 16-port Ethernet switch. Today I racked both switches, though I still need to install the SFP+ adapters into the servers and get everything cabled up. I think I'll do that next weekend; I've got some other things to do this weekend. I've noticed that our area is prone to power outages that last a couple of seconds. I think I need to also get an UPS.

The Pictures!

Here's some pics of the boxes. Good, sturdy boxes. Tasteful logos and design. The foam spacers did a good job of protecting the switches in transits. No complaints.

20221022_104029.jpg 20221022_110121.jpg 20221022_110220.jpg

Each box had a little box of bunny ears and the nuts that hold them to the rack. Packaging is nice, and the nuts seem sturdy. 20221022_104823.jpg

Here's the aggregation switch. 20221022_104848.jpg 20221022_104922.jpg 20221022_105954.jpg

And here's the Ethernet switch. 20221022_110339.jpg 20221022_111630.jpg